Entry Info and Fees

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EVENT PROGRAM: Here is the official Event Program for the 2023 Great Southern Stage Run. This fully explains the event with confirmed schedule, course details, checkpoint details and much more. This is essential reading for all event attendees before the event. READ IT HERE.

Field limits

The Great Southern Stage Run has a strict field limit to preserve the incredible competitor experience as a niche event for a select few.

  • 90 relay teams (of 2, 3 or 4 people)
  • 30 solo entries

Entry fees and timeframes

Entry timeframes

Base EntryEntries received between open day and 9:00am AEDT Monday 25th September 2023
Late EntryEntries received after 9:00am AEDT Monday 25th September 2023

Entry fees 2023

Entry Benefits

All Great Southern Stage Run entrants will receive the following as part of their entry fee:

210km Solo runner$1,990 total$2,189 total
Team of 4 total$607.50 per team member
$667.50 each per team member
Team of 3 total$776 per team member$853 each per team member
Team of 2 total$1,115 per team member$1,225 each per team member
  • Technical event t-shirt if you enter BEFORE the late entry fee takes effect (223 design shown above)
  • Custom printed event cap
  • FREE Access to high resolution event photographs during and immediately after the event
  • Access to the food and drinks available from the checkpoints and finish lines
  • Entry to the final event presentation BBQ
  • Boat transfer across Wilson Inlet on leg 3 of day 2
  • Finisher gift / medal for all finishers – solo and teams
  • Marshalled and coordinated course
  • Professional medical support on course
  • Professional electronic timing and results
  • Bibbulmun Foundation donation
  • Printed copy of the event program

Looking for team mates?

We have created a Facebook event page where you can post a message if you are looking for a team / team mates. The page allows you to interact with other participants and ask questions about the event as a whole. PAGE IS HERE

SOLO RUNNER entry qualifications and requirements

The event is limited to just 30 solo runners. To be able to participate as a solo runner you must fulfil the following requirements

  • Have completed the 80km Margaret River Ultra Marathon as a solo runner in less than 11hrs within the last 5 years OR
  • Have completed the 100km Surf Coast Century as a solo runner in less than 13hrs within the last 5 years OR
  • Have completed all 4 stages of the Run Larapinta Stage Race – Malbunka (long course) in less than 24hrs within the last 5 years OR
  • Have completed a similar race in a similar finish time – please e-mail us at [email protected] to discuss. Your pre-requisite run must be completed and communicated to Rapid Ascent via email by 2nd October 2023.

We have set in place these requirements to help ensure runners have the required skills and experience to complete the Great Southern Stage Run as a solo safely and within the cut off times. You will be asked to provide a URL link to your race result as evidence of your satisfaction of these requirements during the online entry process (so have it handy when entering). If you have not yet completed these requirements but intend to do so before the event you can enter TBA in the field whilst entering and advise us at a later date.

UTMB Qualifying Race and ITRA Points

Runners who complete the Great Southern Stage Run as a solo competitor receive 4 ITRA points and 2 Mountain Points. Finishers receive a UTMB Performance Index in the category of the race. The Performance Index shows a runner’s experience at different distances and can be used to enter the UTMB World Series Events and combined with Running Stones to enter the UTMB Finals.

Under 18yrs Participant Entry Policy

Our general policy at Rapid Ascent is that we welcome competitors under 18yrs of age into all our events because we believe youth should be given the opportunity to challenge themselves if they want to and not be restricted just because of their age. We need to tread carefully because at the same time we also have a duty of care over them to make sure they get through safely and enjoy the experience.

Please review the following safeguards designed to ensure junior entrant’s safe participation during the event.

  • Junior entrants only able to complete a maximum of one leg each day. Junior entrants cannot enter solo
  • Junior entrants must submit a hydration and nutrition plan for Race Director’s approval before the race. We want to see what and how much the entrant plans to eat / drink during each stage so we can see an understanding of fuelling during an endurance event
  • Junior entrants must meet/chat with the Rapid Ascent RD on the phone approx. 4 weeks before the start of the race to discuss:
    • training and preparation for the event
    • hydration and nutrition plan during each stage
    • ability to use the MapsMe ap and navigation function to follow a course
    • mental attitude and approach to the race
  • Entrants submit a training plan that outlines what he will do for a minimum of 3 months leading in to the race
  • We see evidence that this training plan has been completed (via Strava link or other testimonial)
  • We’d also like to speak to a running coach or an independent runner who knows the entrant and who can vouch for them as well.
  • Junior entrants must submit a doctors’ certificate saying that they are have no known medical conditions that should limit them from tackling and completing the planned legs

We ask that any under-age runner wanting to participant in the Great Southern Stage Run calls us to discuss their intentions and these requirements prior to entering (03) 5261 5511.

Terms of entry

Click here to download a copy of the Terms of Entry Form. If you have any questions about this, please contact Rapid Ascent via [email protected]

Entry and refund policy

Refund Policy

If a competitor or team withdraws at least 23 days prior to event day they have the option of a credit or refund:

  • Credit: Credit towards another Rapid Ascent event, less a 5% administration fee
  • Refund: A refund will be offered, less 10% administration fee

If a competitor withdraws less than 23 days before event day:

  • No credits or refunds will be issued

Refunds/credits must be requested in writing via [email protected]
A refund cannot be granted once a credit has been issued.

Transfer Policy

  • Transfer of individual race entries are NOT permitted.
  • Providing there are spaces available, a runner may transfer from a higher entry fee event/category to a lower entry fee event/category before 8:00am AEST on the 10 days before event day. In this case, the difference between the two entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Providing there are spaces available, a runner may transfer from a lower entry fee event to a higher entry fee event up to 8:00am AEST on the 10 days before event day – no admin fee will be charged. Any entry upgrades requested after 8:00am AEST on the Tuesday before event day will incur a $25 upgrade fee (plus entry fee difference), to be paid at race registration.
  • Changes to team composition (changing legs or changing a team member) can be made up until online entries close at 8:00am AEST on the 10 days before event day. Any changes made after this time will incur a $25 fee.

Event rescheduling / cancellations

If the event is deemed unsafe or unable to be held on the proposed date, the following steps shall be followed:

  • Rapid Ascent will endeavour to reschedule the event to another date with all entries transferring to the new date
  • If the new event date is more than 23 days after the original date and you are unable to attend a competitor may withdraw from the event according to the refund policy above.
  • If the new event date is within 23 days of the original date and you cannot attend you can receive a race credit to any Rapid Ascent event less a 25% admin fee


  • Rapid Ascent reserves the right to alter or amend the originally proposed course(s) from that which was published on the event website for any reason
  • Advice of any event postponement or change will be made on the front page of the event website as early as possible before the event, and will be posted to the official race notice board at the registration marquee.