Competitor List


>> 2023 List Coming Soon <<


The Great Southern Stage Run is an official qualifying event for the Everest 135 Extreme Race. As part of our event partnership together, we are excited to have Everest 135 inaugural winner Wang Xiaolin, and second placed Yang JianGuo – both hailing from China – join us this November for the Great Southern Stage Run.

We had a chat with both competitors about their love for ultra running and upcoming trip to Australia for the race…

  • Wang Xiaolin of China (pictured left) – View Here
  • Yang Jianguo of China (pictured right) – View Here


A Facebook event page has been created where you can post a message if you are looking for a team / team mates. The page allows you to interact with other participants and ask questiosn about the event as a whole. PAGE IS HERE


The Great Southern Stage Run has a field limit to preserve the incredible competitor experience as a niche event for a select few.

  • 90 relay teams (of 2, 3 or 4 people)
  • 30 solo entries

We will accept a small number of additional entries over these limits in the knowledge that some solos / teams will withdraw prior to race day (due to injury). We will then revert to names on a wait list.