Support Crew and Spectators

EVENT PROGRAM: Here is the official Event Program for the 2023 Great Southern Stage Run. This fully explains the event with confirmed schedule, course details, checkpoint details and much more. This is essential reading for all event attendees before the event. READ IT HERE.

The Great Southern Stage Run will be similar to a ‘traveling circus’ with teams and support crews traveling along the course from checkpoint to checkpoint each day, making it an incredibly social, and satisfying event for support crews and spectators (as well as for runners!).


It is designed that team-mates will basically support themselves, with the non-running team members driving to the next checkpoint together, waiting for their incoming runner and then handing over to their outgoing runner. After which they’d drive to the next checkpoint… We will be a bit of a ‘travelling circus’ as we move from one checkpoint to the next – getting to know each other along the way.

A non-running support crew may be helpful to move camp/accommodation whilst the team are running – maybe visiting the start and 1 checkpoint but primarily to move camp and get the ‘home-fires-burning’ at the nightly accommodation and to prepare meals before / after running. (We suggest team runners give them a lot of chocolate / beer / love as gratitude!).


Solo runners will need a non-running support crew to assist them on their odyssey to:

  • Drive solo runners to the start each day
  • Provide additional equipment and gear changes at each checkpoint (if needed)
  • Provide additional support at each checkpoint – eg. their own specific hydration / nutrition (if needed)
  • Care for runners after they have finished.

Solo runners have full access to the hydration and nutrition provided at each of the checkpoints. This will be probably be sufficient for a solo runner to complete the day’s run without additional support but we still recommend havign a support crew to give you a bit of extra love!

Rapid Ascent will not take drop bags to checkpoints, or transport solo runners to / from the start / finish (sorry – we’ll be too busy managing 200+km of course).

Rapid Ascent can help solo runners from interstate find a local support crew person if needed – please contact us to request this support.


HERE is a very detailed event program that explains all aspects of the course and event logistics. This is essential reading for all support crews and will be your bible during the race.

“This was like no event I had ever done!  It was such a buzz over the 3 days to follow your team mates, cheer them over the line and participate in such a different type of event. The trails were rugged and around every corner the views were stunning and different.” K, Poulton, 2022 Participant

Checkpoint provisions

Rapid Ascent will provide the following items at checkpoints – available to all runners (but especially solos):

  • Water
  • Tailwind – premixed at a strength of 200cals per 500ml
  • Lollies
  • Fruitcake
  • Fruit – bananas and oranges
  • Fruit buns or scrolls or donuts
  • CLIF Bars (some)
  • Chips / BBQ shapes
  • PLUS other items to be confirmed nearer the event

There are toilets at every checkpoint and start / finish line.

Assisting runners

Support crews and teammates can only provide assistance to your runner within 100m of the CP marquee. Runners may go back to sit in your vehicle and ‘take a breather’ on a chair but MUST return to the course at the CP marquee. Supporters are welcome to bring your own food, water and supplies for runners (and CP volunteers love the odd cuppa tea!) and hang out around the CP marquee.

Runners receiving support or collecting pre-planted items more than 100m away from a CP will receive a 30min penalty.

Parking and Support vehicle sticker

Due to limited amount of car parking at the majority of CPs we will issue one support vehicle sticker to each team and each solo entrant at registration. Please car pool and minimize the number of cars going to each CP, and attach the support vehicle sticker to the top left (passenger side) windscreen of the single car that is going to each CP so we know who’s car is who’s. Any additional vehicles should be kept to an absolute minimum and park well away from CPs if they have to attend.

GPS Live Tracking

Teammates, supports crews and spectators around the world will be able to watch the race unfold with real time live tracking active throughout the event.

Facebook Group

Runners and support crews are encouraged to connect with one another before, during and after the event via the dedicated Great Southern Stage Race Facebook Group for the event!