Equipment and Safety

The weather in the Great Southern region can be magnificent in November, but it can also be miserable – wet, cold and windy. You can assume that the race will go ahead no matter what the weather (except for Code red fire danger rating), so we encourage you to be sensible about the gear you take and match it to the conditions expected on the day.

The equipment list below should be seen as a bare minimum but we leave it to your common sense to take additional items if you think they are needed.

Mandatory Gear List

for all runners – solo and team runners

Note, team members may pass this gear from one runner to another whilst at a checkpoint.

  • Race number plate. To be worn on your front, attached to the outermost garment at all times.
  • Waterproof jacket with hood and taped seams – Goretex or similar waterproof and breathable fabric is strongly recommended.
  • Long sleeve thermal top – Polypropylene, wool or similar thermal fabric – not cotton, lycra or any ‘compressions’ garments.
  • A beanie to keep your head warm – a Headsock or ‘Buff’ is sufficient
  • Mobile phone with the course map loaded into a mapping app (we suggest MapsME orGurumaps)  – can these also be loaded onto a smart watch?
  • First Aid Kit (minimum contents: 1 x crepe bandages, 1 x snake bite bandage, 6 x wound closure strips, 1 x triangular bandage, 2 x non stick wound dressing pads and a pair of surgical gloves. Available for sale online (Merchandise page) or at Race Registration, $TBC.
  • Space blanket. Available for sale (Merchandise page) or at Race Registration, $7ea.
  • A whistle. Available for sale (Merchandise page) or at Race Registration, $5.
  • Water container, minimum 1lt capacity (may be a water bottle or bladder in a backpack). Ensure you have capacity to increase volume as Rapid Ascent may increase minimum requirement subject to weather conditions
  • A head torch sufficiently bright to light the track at least 50m ahead of you and sufficient battery power to get you to the finish line

Recommended Gear List

for ALL runners, solo and relay team members – ADDITIONAL to those listed above.

  • Additional clothing to match the conditions expected on the day – this may vary from water proof pants to a sun hat and sunscreen. BE SENSIBLE.
  • Thermal gloves
  • A means of carrying additional water (bigger bladder, soft flasks or bottles)
  • Water proof bag or snaplock for your mobile phone
  • Food and additional water / hydration
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Vaseline, Body Glide or other body lubricant
  • Sports injury tape (like Elastoplast)
  • External power source for your phone if you using the maps a lot or take a lot of photos
  • Recommend travel insurance in case you need helicopter rescue on the course – or enquire with your ambulance membership or with your personal accident insurance.

We discourage the use of MP3/iPhone music. There will be plenty of birds and wildlife to listen to and they distract your awareness of your surroundings.


Rapid Ascent provides a certain amount of ‘duty of care’ over all competitors, volunteers and stakeholders in the Great Southern Stage Run. We will ensure that the race is run as it is described, with water where it is described, support where it is described and assistance where it is described on the website and in the event program.

Where conditions are beyond ‘normal’ (e.g. hotter than 30 deg, extremely wet/cold) we will extend our duty of care over participants to help you handle the conditions. We have our own risk management plans, emergency plans and procedures to follow if an incident happens and are in correspondence with the National Parks and Wildlife and other land managers and stakeholders to ensure that the course environment is as described.

BUT it is also up to the participants – including runners, spectators, volunteers, stakeholders… to use common sense and take care of yourselves and each other whilst at the event. Event participants have a duty of care over themselves to ensure, for example, they have enough nutrition with them to get to the next checkpoint, to dress appropriately for the conditions, to handle yourselves correctly if you are lost, to care for your feet and ankles so they can handle the terrain…. etc.

Whilst Rapid Ascent will provide support and assistance (and evacuation) where needed, it is also up to the participants to ensure you prepare yourself and can handle the conditions of the event.

If you wish to discuss the safety of the event and our plans and procedures please contact us at any time via: [email protected] or 03 5261 5511.