Who Can Run?

The Great Southern Stage Run is designed to be an achievable goal for any runner – not just the fastest on the track or those gunning for the podium.

That’s why we’ve called it the Great Southern Stage ‘Run’ (not ‘Race’), to emphasise the fact that this event is far more about setting a challenge and having a go with some friends. Sure, some runners will race and chase the trophy at the end, but the vast majority will be there for an incredible experience with friends in a wild part of the world.

The Great Southern Stage Run has a strict field limit to preserve the incredible competitor experience as a niche event for a select few.

TEAMS OF 4 – limited to 90 teams

The event is primarily designed for teams of 2, 3 or 4 runners doing 1 or more legs each day. The significant total distance each day (approx. 70km) means that it’s far more achievable for teams of 4 who divide the distance between them, running 1 leg each day.

The variable length of each day’s legs means that team runners with mixed abilities can unite and complete the course together. In fact, the maximum length of the shortest leg each day is just 14km which is an achievable distance for any run/walker.

That’s not to say it will be easy, there are extensive sections of sand with endless undulations, and some technical sections making the course very challenging at times, but we believe any determined team can complete it if they put their mind (and body) to the task.

Looking for team mates? We have created a Facebook event page where you can post a message if you are looking for a team / team mates. The page allows you to interact with other participants and ask questiosn about the event as a whole. PAGE IS HERE.

“Everyone out on the trails were so fantastic and extremely encouraging; it’s that camaraderie that gets us through this tough course!” Alan Williams, 1st Solo Male 2022

SOLO RUNNERS – limited to 30 solo runners

The event is also open to a limited number of solo runners who complete all legs on all days – a hard undertaking with 200+km of of trail. There is no doubt it will be an amazing solo experience and we encourage those eligible to have a go (we’re just saying it won’t be easy).

Solo runners must have their own support crew to assist them at checkpoints and must achieve the cut off-times along the course so they finish in day light each day.

The event is limited to just 30 solo runners. To be able to participate as a solo runner you must fulfil the following requirements

  • Have completed the 80km Margaret River Ultra Marathon as a solo runner in less than 11hrs within the last 5 years OR
  • Have completed the 100km Surf Coast Century as a solo runner in less than 13hrs within the last 5 years OR
  • Have completed all 4 stages of the Run Larapinta Stage Race – Malbunka (long course) in less than 24hrs within the last 5 years OR
  • Have completed a similar race in a similar finish time or have completed other self motivated challenges (like FKTs) or training endevours – please e-mail us at [email protected] to discuss. Your pre-requisite run must be completed and communicated to Rapid Ascent via email by 2nd October 2023.

We have set in place these requirements to help ensure solo runners have the required skills and experience to complete the Great Southern Stage Run safely and within the cut off times. You will be asked to provide a URL link to your race result or other accomplishments as evidence of your satisfaction of these requirements during the online entry process (so have it handy when entering). If you have not yet completed these requirements but intend to do so before the event you can enter TBA in the field whilst entering and advise us at a later date.

If you enter as a solo runner and do not accomplish the entry requirements prior to 2nd October then your entry fee will be refunded.

See the Entry Information page for further details.