Event FAQ’s

What is included in my race fee?

It’s often the small touches that make a good event a GREAT EVENT so we’ll coordinate a range of support services such as:

  • Serviced checkpoints with hydration and nutrition on course when you need it the most
  • Coordinated social functions and daily stage presentations so you can relive the day and relax with old friends and new afterwards
  • Coordinated accommodation and recommended services to check in to – doing the research so you know you’re booking into the best options.
  • Detailed event briefing information so you know how to prepare beforehand, and how each day will flow
  • Post-race massages and other recovery sessions to help you get through the course
  • Professional timing
  • Official event t-shirt

What happens if a team mate needs to withdraw during the race?

Teams can change from a Team of 4 to a Team of 3 and continue in the race. However Team of 4 cannot drop to a team of 2 and continue to be listed in the results. You will, however be able to run the course.

If a team member from a team of 3 is unable to continue then the team can continue in the Team of 3 category.

What are the cut-off times for the event? What happens if I don’t make a cut-off time?

All the cut-off times are listed on our website here. These will be enforced.

How does the staggered start on Day 3 work?

Can I run as a solo?

Sure – we love our solo runners, however to ensure your safety and enjoyment we do have some qualification requirements. Make sure you can achieve these prior to registering.

How do I get from one checkpoint to the next?

TEAMS: It is designed that team-mates will basically support themselves, with the non-running team members driving to the next checkpoint together, waiting for their incoming runner and then handing over to their outgoing runner. After which they’d drive to the next checkpoint… We will be a bit of a ‘travelling circus’ as we move from one checkpoint to the next – getting to know each other along the way.

SOLOS: Solo runners will need a non-running support crew to assist them on their odyssey to:

  • Drive solo runners to the start each day
  • Provide additional equipment and gear changes at each checkpoint (if needed)
  • Provide additional support at each checkpoint – eg. their own specific hydration / nutrition (if needed)
  • Care for runners after they have finished.

Rapid Ascent will not take drop bags to checkpoints, or transport solo runners to / from the start / finish (sorry – we’ll be too busy managing 200+km of course). Read more about support crews here

What is provided at checkpoints?

‘Fuelling the machine’ is crucial to the success of any runner in any running event. We strongly encourage any runner to read the basic nutrition and hydration pointers on this page and do your own research and PRACTICE your plan well before race week. We will provide the following items at checkpoints:

The exact list of items provided include:

  • Water
  • Tailwind – premixed at a strength of 200cals per 500ml
  • Lollies
  • Fruitcake
  • Fruit – bananas and oranges
  • Fruit buns or scrolls or donuts
  • CLIF Bars (some)
  • Chips / BBQ shapes
  • PLUS other items to be confirmed nearer the event

There are toilets at every checkpoint and start / finish line.

How do I use a credit from a previous event?

Please email [email protected]. You will be sent a voucher code to redeem your credit.

How can I join the dedicated GSSR Past and Present Facebook Group?

Connect with other participants before, during and after your event? Ask questions about the event, share tips and ideas, compare experiences and get to know each other before your race. CLICK HERE to join the conversation!

Unfortunately, I have to withdraw – what are my options?

You can view the refund policy here. This will be strictly enforced.

I need to update my contact details – how do I do this?

Log into your Race Roster account and update your details there. Or, email [email protected] and we’ll change it for you.

Accommodation Packages FAQ’s

  • Can I book a cabin that sleeps 6 people if I only have 4 people?

Yes. This means you will have 2 ‘spare beds’. No one else will be booked into those ‘spare beds’ because you have booked the entire cabin. (So please try and book a cabin that closely relates to the size of your group).

  • Am I charged for any ‘spare beds’ I don’t use if I book a cabin?

Yes. In the interests of keeping things a bit simple and manageable, if you book a cabin you have exclusive usage of all beds in that cabin irrespective of how many people stay there.

  • We’re a group of 7 people what do you suggest we do?

There are several options, but you could book a cabin for 8 people and have a spare bed or book a cabin for 6 people and then the 7th person books a single bed in a shared dorm.

  • Do all the cabins have access to toilets and showers?

Yes. Some cabins have an ensuite attached to them whilst others have access to shared, communal bathrooms – as per the details in the table of what’s available (see the MATRIX)

  • How do the dorms work? Who will be sharing with?

The dorms will be single gender (separate male and female dorms) where you book a bed. Other teams / runners / supporters can also book a bed so you will be mixed in with other teams (and make heaps of new friends!)

  • We’re only small, can I fit 4 people in a cabin for 3?

No. For a range of reasons – the main one being for safety and to comply with the fire regulations and permits, additional people cannot sleep in cabins or dorms.

  • What will the breakfasts and dinners include? I have special dietary concerns, will they be catered for?

Breakfasts and dinners will be wholesome and healthy meals served as a buffet between set times. We believe they will be sufficient to fulfill your nutritional needs for racing – but if in doubt feel free to bring some extra food to supplement. We will request dietary specifics nearer the race.

Please contact us with you have any questions remaining!


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (03) 5261 5511