Event Overview

15 – 17 November, 2024

The Run Bibbulmun Track Stage Race is a 3 day trail running stage race along the most spectacular sections of the famed Bibbulmun Track in Great Southern WA.

The event was successfully conducted as the Great Southern Stage Run in 2022 and 2023 but we renewed the format in 2024 to be simpler and even more accommodating of runners with varying ability – both faster and slower runners all welcome.

The event is now far more accessible for all runners due to the following format:

  • Solo runners. The event used to be for teams which was great but meant you had to find 3 other injury free team mates who had the time and ability to come as well. You can still come with friends – but you’re all racing as solos.

  • Short and long course options. We all have different goals with our running, so now you can choose the distances that suit your abilities. Short course stages vary from 17-24km whilst long course stages vary from 33-39km

  • Condensed course location. All stages start and finish within 30mins drive of Denmark, so you can book the one accommodation for the event duration and keep it simple!

  • No support crew – no worries. If you’re traveling solo then we’ll provide full support so it’s easy to race by yourself – including car shuffles, checkpoint support and trail love!

The event is now the same format as our VERY popular Run Larapinta Stage Race that sells out every year and brings people together from across the country.

Combine these things together and you have a very special event providing incredible camaraderie between runners as you experience the breathtaking Bibbulmun Track through the Great Southern Region.  

“That was a dream run; the trails out there are just phenomenal and all I could think about was running that course again!” – Flying V’s, Winning Relay Team 2022

This is a race that will never leave you. The scenery was out of this world, the vibe was super uplifting and the organisation was second to none” – Kevin Mathews, 2022 participant

The course (is exceptional)

The course traverses the most spectacular sections of the famed Bibbulmun Track in the Great Southern region of WA.

The course almost exclusively follows the iconic Bibbulmun Track. It does stray away from the official Bib Track at just a couple of locations to provide added variety, escape some sand and to visit a number of spectacular landmarks which the main trail misses – like Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks.

Being a 3 day race, each day is quite different to the other and provides for some varied running through a range of landscapes. Each day has plenty of highlights as it passes many of the region’s most popular (and often most remote) landmarks, such as:

DAY 1:

  • The mighty Karri and Tingle Trees in the Valley of the Giants near Walpole
  • Conspicuous Cliffs and some rock-hopping around Rame Head
  • The wild running along the coastline near Salmon Bay

DAY 2:

  • The spectacular running through West Cape Howe
  • Descending to the picturesque finish line at Cosy Corner
  • The remote country on the long course passes through on the Nullaki Peninsula

DAY 3:

  • The calm beauty of Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks
  • Running through the Karri Tree forest up and over Mt Hallowell and Monkey Rocks
  • Finishing together in central Denmark after 3 days of incredible running

Read further details about the course, along with descriptions of each leg with maps and further details on the Course Description page.

The camaraderie amongst competitors

As impressive as the journey is, it’s the camaraderie between competitors that will set this event apart and make it truly exceptional.

It’s one thing to see and experience these sights yourself, but it’s another thing to share it with other people and then relive the pain, the blisters, the views and the vibes at each finish line and especially at the mid race dinner at the Boston Brewing Company!

This will be an incredible shared experience with old friends and new.

“Way outside my comfort zone but totally worth the pain, tears and friendship made.” – Glenys Brady, 2022 participant

2022 Event Weekend Review

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2022 Highlights Reel

Relive the race with this exceptional highlights video from the 2022 Great Southern Stage Run.